Brett - Lead Consultant

Brett Wilde

Lead Real Estate Consultant - MRP, SRS

Brett Wilde has been a lifelong resident of Utah and has always had an interest in the real estate market. Having received a BA in Technical Sales from Weber State University, he quickly distinguished within a Fortune 500 company, reaching their highest level of sales distinction.

Brett has been actively involved in the real estate market, remodel and construction industry for 10 years. He brings a highly valuable and unique perspective to real estate consulting, as he has been involved with over 700 residential transactions and constructions projects. From land acquisition, plan formation, build contracts, residential sales and purchases, and property management, he has true expertise from much broader perspective. Brett has personally owned 19 homes and is very involved in the rental and investment market. He has also had involvement and ownership in 3 different construction companies. If you watch HDTV, Brett and his team provide similar expertise helping homeowners appreciate a different perspective on how to create possibilities within this low inventory market. His clients rely on his guidance for which projects return the highest return on investment and which to stay away from. They gain a valuable asset, as he helps them understand real costs and savings of real estate. Recently awarded as the region’s top producing team for Keller Williams, Brett has quickly gained a reputation for his work ethic, valuable insight, and commitment to his clients.

As an American Fork resident, his local knowledge and understanding of community has endeared him to his clients and team. While Brett is a specialist in the Northern UT county area, his expertise applies to all the Wasatch Front, as he has helped many clients throughout Utah. He loves working in all aspects of real estate and understands with expert precision, buyer, seller and new construction process.

Brett and his team continually give back to several organizations such as Forbes Elementary, Tabitha’s Way and many other small community groups. He loves to educate people and help them get on a better financial path. His team offers several added values such as free moving assistance, free dump trailer use and many other small add-ons that streamline the entire process and keeps his clients getting the best value available.

Brett enjoys spending time in the great Utah outdoors with his wife and three kids. Their favorite activities are boating, skiing, fishing, 4-wheeling, and their annual family trip to Lake Powell, Duck Creek and Fishlake.

McKelle - Manager

McKelle Beck

Real Estate Manager

McKelle grew up in Mesa, Arizona in a commercial real estate family. From age 12 up until she graduated high school, she worked every summer at her fathers commercial real estate office. McKelle started doing data entry from her earlier years then became an administrative and marketing assistant, creating and promoting campaigns for developments for sale and for lease. Her integration into the family company from a young age taught her that if you want to learn about the intricacies of every types of business, culture and people – you must build a career in real estate.

McKelle moved to Orem, Utah after graduating high school, to start college at Utah Valley University. She immediately took her skillset and real estate background to Wilde Real Estate. She spent ample time as support staff for the team and quickly became proficient in residential transactions and educated about the Utah market. McKelle focused on property management, legal and compliance, lead generation and client experience. She then graduated Utah Valley University with a degree in Business Management in only three years, during her time at UVU she served as a Presidential Ambassador for the college. McKelle has since, worked her way up to help manage all real estate operations.

McKelle’s background in property management and commercial real estate sets her apart from other real estate agents. She understands the rental market, landlord/tenant experiences and return on investment. She has been mentored by the top producing solo agent in Utah, Brett Wilde for three years – with his leadership, McKelle has been taught requirement based selling methods, cross-selling strategies and negotiation techniques. Any client that works with McKelle or the team will benefit greatly from her expertise and work ethic.

Ron - Consultant

Ron Cheney

Real Estate Consultant

For the last 16 years, Ron has been a professional real estate agent and broker. Though everyone is unique with different wants, Ron has been the caring professional who has guided them through this milestone. Years ago, when the real estate market was struggling and agents needed leave the industry Ron continued and supplemented his income with construction work. Ron later realized how important it was to have this experience in order to help clients make better buying and selling decisions. Most of Ron’s clients have come from long-time friends and clients, his business is almost 100% referral based. Ron is committed to providing hight quality representation and value.

Bronson - Consultant

Bronson Gomez

Real Estate Consultant

Bronson Gomez has been a Utah resident his entire life. Bronson grew up in Mapleton and Springville Utah. From a young age Bronson has always had an investor mindset. His passion for entrepreneurship led him to many startups. His passion for cars led him to owning and operating a successful high end & exotic car detailing business Evo-Clean. Bronson has run Evo-Clean for over four years now and details exclusively for the Lamborghini Club of Southern California a few times out of the year. Through his connections to high net-worth individuals, it led him to find a new passion in real estate. Bronson learned quickly from mentors that real estate was the way to develop wealth and build on his connections. His strong enthusiastic drive for helping people and passion helps make sure that whatever his client’s needs are, they are met. Bronson’s experience in real estate helps his clients make the best decision possible and get the highest return on investment on their property. Bronson loves making new friends and meeting new people. As a local resident that is passionate in real estate, he yields this passion to create a more enjoyable and smooth process for any client that is buying, selling, building or remodeling.

Jordan - Consultant

Jordan Keele

Real Estate Consultant

Jordan Keele has lived in Utah all his life. He stumbled into a door-to-door sales job in which he excelled and worked for over six years. During this time, he travelled the country to manage, train and recruit new employees to sell TV subscriptions. Although successful in this line of work, he didn’t find it fulfilling and he grew tired of moving his family across the country year after year. He liked certain aspects of the job, but knew that he wanted to do something more meaningful.

After reaching out to a friend who had been a Real Estate Agent for several years, Jordan decided to take the leap and get his license. Along with the sense of stability in calling one place home for longer than 6 months, he also loved the idea that he would be able to develop long-term relationships with his clients. He has been able to use his negotiating and sales skills that he learned from his sales jobs to help his clients get the most for their money.

Jordan has always loved helping others and is very service-oriented. He always has his client’s best interest in mind above that of his own because he feels that that is the way business ought to be done. The idea of commissions has always intrigued him as he believes that if you work harder and outperform others, you should be paid accordingly. One of the mottos that he lives by is that “money follows value”. His attention to detail and well-organized habits have allowed him to provide quality service to those that have worked with him in the past.

Because of his love for teaching, he specializes in helping first-time home buyers or sellers understand the process from beginning to end. Due to his patience, he helps ensures that the client can confidently go about their day without the stress of their transaction lingering over them. He loves being a Realtor because he feels that nothing else can change your lifestyle, relationships, and quality of life more than the place you choose to call home.

Jordan loves spending time with his wife and son and he enjoys getting together with friends and family to play games. Jordan’s talents include basketball, piano and organ. His favorite thing about living in Utah is the ability to enjoy all four seasons.